D.C. Motor Capabilties

Lincoln Service is your number one source for D.C. motor repair in Michigan. We address and fix the fault in your motor in required lead timeand a FRACTION of the cost of buying new equipment. We repair all type of D.C. motors up to 1500 HP/50,000 lbs. Typical repairs on your D.C. would include: 

1)Dismantling, cleaning and checking. steam cleaning every mechanical part.

2) General recondition of every damaged/contaminated part. Insulation/Dielectric Test.

3) Surge Test, Hi-Pot Test, Resistance Test, Vibration Test.

4) Reinsulating and baking windings, Rewinding/Dipping and baking field coils.

5) Re-sleeving bearings housings, metalizing shafts.

6) Balancing rotor, installing all new bearings and seals.

7) Reassembling, testing, and painting, load testing.

With every repair a service report is written letting customers know what repairs were done and why. This helps you prepare for your next motor failure by using preventative maintenance.